Greg Lundgren is a Seattle-based artist, designer and curator with a diverse background in architectural design, sculpture, furniture and installation art. His understanding of architectural theory and experience in contemporary design have lead to a great diversity of projects and clients, including Disney, Paramount Pictures, Burberrys of London, Marshal Fields, Neiman Marcus, AT&T, Microsoft and a broad range of commercial and private clients.

His work as an architectural glass designer continually pushes the horizons of stained and cast glass, producing large-scale glass slabs and sculptural forms used in walls, windows, doors and floors. Each new project inspired conversations about how incredibly beautiful and rugged cast glass was, and the seemingly endless applications it inspires.

Since cast glass and granite held so many similar properties, the question soon became, "What else can we make out of glass that is traditionally made out of stone?" When Lundgren was commissioned to design the sanctuary windows of a local cemetery, he could not help but notice the hundreds upon hundreds of granite headstones. Within weeks he had cast his first glass memorial and after two years of intense research and experimentation, Lundgren debuted his line of cast glass memorials at the 2004 National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lundgren Monuments continues to examine and challenge our ideas of memorialization—designing custom cast glass and granite monuments, modern urns and caskets, and producing original, thought provoking group exhibitions exploring death and memorialization. Greg has authored two illustrated children’s books addressing death - Maybe Death is Like a Light and the cemetery - Greenview Cemetery, is a founding member of The Order of Good Death, and continues to design, collaborate and petition for a broader conversation about our mortality, legacy and the role of art.

Designer Greg Lundgren detailing a new memorial

Designer Greg Lundgren detailing a new memorial